Premium Range Core FINE GLITTER FABRIC – A4s only


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This is like the chunky glitter but not as thick, so easier to cut and sew. But still the same amount of sparkle !

Backing matches the top colour – apart from the following Mint, Sherbert, Lemon these are white – alternatives

Pastel Yellow has a matching backing

Meadow Green has a matching backing



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Snow White (Fine Glitter), Winter Wonderland, Candyfloss (Fine Glitter), Fairy Dust (Fine Glitter), Pastel Yellow, Sherbert Lemon, Pastel Orange, Meadow, Mint, Ice Blue (Fine Glitter), Night Sky (Fine glitter), Mermaid Blue, Jade, Raspberry, Purple (Fine glitter), Red (Fine Glitter), Disco Gold (Fine Glitter), Pale Gold (fine Glitter), Confetti (fine Glitter), Silver (Fine Glitter, Rose, Sherbert (Fine Glitter), Black (Fine Glitter), Violet, Gunmetal (Fine Glitter), Emerald (Fine Glitter), Copper (Fine Glitter), Chocolate (Fine Glitter)